Landscaping Software to Help Your Business Grow

Landscaping Software to Help Your Business Grow

Software makes organizing your business so much easier, it allows you to manage your time, take care of invoicing and it can help you solicit new clients.  The landscape industry is no exception, landscaping and lawn care businesses need the benefit of having a good business software program in place.  There is now proprietary software built just for the landscape industry to help your business grow.

Why Do You Need Landscaping Software?

If you’ve been in the industry for awhile then you know you spend far more time in your truck on the road than you ever will in an office.  Tracking your cash flow and staying organized can be hard to do from behind the wheel of your vehicle.

Available Packages

There are two popular packages that work well for your landscape business and they offer different options.  LawnPro and Gopher Lawn Care Software both have affordable packages starting at around $100 making them affordable for even the newest businesses.  Here is a video breaking down the different software and the benefits of each.

Important Features of the Software

Your software needs to handle some basic account features to manage your business, cash flows, billing, expense tracking and you will want to generate invoices with your business name and logo on there.  You will want something that can help manage your schedule, especially if you have employees that you have to send out on jobs.  Having the ability to customize the software is pretty important too, giving the ability to manage multiple properties on multiple days, and planning out routes can save you time and money.

Both of these packages give you the ability to perform a cost analysis for each job, this can help you put together pricing and professional quotes for your big corporate clients.  It should integrate your logo or letter head on invoices and quotes, branding is important to every business.  Software can help you track and manage your inventory along with the equipment you use to get your jobs done.

What Else to Look for in Lawn Care Business Software

When you look at the available packages side by side one feature that is a must have is the ability to scale.  You are buying landscaping software to help your business grow and you need to make sure that the software that you invest in will grow with you.  You will also want the ability to export data to other applications, for instance Quickbooks, that way you can send information directly to your accountant without ever leaving the office.

You want a piece of software that is user friendly, you want to be able to pick it up easily and keep future employees in mind too.  Look for something that will give you a free 14 or 30 day trial to make sure you have the hang of it before you shell out your hard earned cash.

Software can keep you organized and professional, you’re clients will appreciate it and it will far easier to bring in new ones when you project a well organized and professional demeanour.

Software for the Service Business

Software for the Service Business

The business world used to rely solely on personal interactions between people and today it is largely powered by technology.  That doesn’t mean the personal touch isn’t important anymore, but it has become only part of the key to success.  Service based businesses still interact with customers regularly and must provide excellent service to thrive but now the backend is managed by software.  This actually frees up your frontline employees and salespeople to make their interactions more meaningful and offer more value to your clients.

CRM Software

One of the most commonly used pieces of software for a service oriented business is a CRM.  To sum it up a CRM (customer relationship management software) will track and take care of the details surrounding your customers while you can focus on taking care of the customers themselves.  A good CRM will have a modules that help you find new customers, track the sales cycle and help you retain the customers that you have.

CRM will Improve Customer Service

Here is one of the ways where CRM software can shine and allow your business to offer an unprecedented level of service.  You phone up your favorite pizza chain and once they capture your phone number, your name and address is on file, and they have your preferences for pizza toppings.  Customers feel valued and as though your business is paying attention to their needs, wants and preferences.  Hotel chains also do the same thing they can keep track of the details of your stay and every time you make a reservation they can have the room ready according to your likes.  The possibilities for a service business to improve their customer service and customer loyalty are incalculable.

Other Features

While enabling your organization to streamline and improve the level of service you offer your clients, that is not the only thing that this software will do.  It will also take care of plenty of other details as well.  It will also track where you are in the sales cycle, you can automate follow up tasks such as welcome emails.

Scheduling and Time Tracking

Managing time in a service business is crucial here is a real world example of how the CRM can manage your staff and their time.  Spas and hair salons, especially with multiple locations can benefit from this service.  Once a customer calls to make an appointment it will pull up which stylist is available and once that block of time is entered into the system, it is blocked off for that customer.  There is no more chance of double booking and alienating one or more of your customers.

Often this is done manually by businesses still, and manual appointment setting comes with a pretty high margin of error.  Aside from this whole process being easier and more efficient it also reduces the chance of error.

Small business in order to compete must operate efficiently and take advantage of all the tools at their disposal to make them leaner and more competitive and a CRM can help you with that.